Blue Ribbon Horse Trailering

We are here to move your precious cargo

At Blue Ribbon Horse Trailering, we are focused on providing the very best in customized, personalized, horse transport services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

We do both long and short hauls and can accommodate supplies and equipment along with your horse.  Day trips to horse shows, or overnight trips across the country are both within our scope of services.   We treat your horse with care, love and safety.  On the long hauls, we stop along the way and let your horse graze and stretch their legs.  Food, top quality hay and water are all available at all times along the trip.  

Don't trust your horse to just anyone.  Make sure your choice is someone who knows what it takes to get your horse there safe and sound.  We have worked with horses for over 20 years, we have horses of our own, and we know what your horse needs and can deliver  your horse happy, healthy and safely!  

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.  We are happy to provide references and are fully insured.  

We hope to see you soon!